Advertising Isn't An Expense. It's An Investment.

Every Monday morning, you see it all over Facebook.  The “Oh Friday how I miss you” memes, and the oversized cups of coffee.  For many, Monday holds the unpleasant reputation of being the worst day of the week.  As the Mamas & Papas sang, “Monday, Monday. Can’t trust that day.”

But actually, Monday can be one of the most productive days of the week.  After all, your brain has hopefully had at least a small amount of downtime to rejuvenate over the past two days.  Granted, having the full workweek ahead can be daunting, but it’s also invigorating, depending upon your point of view.

Chances are, your creative mind did very little downtime over the weekend. While you lounged by the pool, read a book, went for a bike ride, held your favorite yoga pose, or filled your weekend with thousands of other options, your brain was at work, chewing away at the challenges presented the week before.  While your conscious body rested, your subconscious mind filled up with the fuel it needed to fire on all cylinders – with or without your full participation – when you needed to call on it this very morning.

Let’s embrace Monday for what it is – one of 52 new beginnings each year.  For me, it’s the chance to kick off the Newton’s Cradle that gets the workweek momentum started.

So here’s to the workweek ahead and all the opportunities it brings.  Thanks Monday.  I’m glad you’re back.